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Brandy's Bistro

Don't know what to do with all of those boring healthy foods in your refrigerator drawers? Don't worry! I'll show you how to take food that snores and turn it into food that ROARS! 

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Cart Crashers

The choices we make in the supermarket affect not only our own health but the health of our planet and everyone living on it.

It's so easy to be advertised into thinking that what we are buying for our families is healthy--but that is not always the case! I'll help you decipher food labels, outsmart advertising claims, and empower yourself with the knowledge necessary to interpret even the most confusing list of ingredients. Leave the supermarket smiling knowing that you've made the most sustainable, healthy, and humane product choices possible.

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I Wish I Knew-trition

Little facts you never knew about nutrition, health, and wellness.

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Modern Kitchen
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Cabinet Crashers

What's lurking in your cabinets? I'll reveal some secrets you may not know about popular foods and household products.

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Down on the Farm

In this segment, we take a look at where our food actually comes from, and visit farms that are taking a more conscious approach to animal husbandry and sustainable farming practices.

Green Orchard
Organic Apples

Brandy's Basket

There are tons of awesome new products flooding the market every month...but which ones meet the VegAwarian standards? 


We'll introduce you to some of our favorite products, designed to help you build the most healthy, humane, and sustainable lifestyle.

Broccoli Salad

Vegawarian Voyages

Be my guest at some of the country's finest cutting-edge plant-based and farm-to-table restaurants. Meet the chefs pioneering the way for a more sustainable, compassionate, and healthy way of choosing and preparing our food.

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Vegawarian Voyages


No passport needed! Travel with us, as we introduce you to alternative cuisine throughout the world.

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