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Brandy and Melanie first met when they were 4. Brandy remembers it perfectly, with frustration...


One day, at St. Rita's Nursery School, a little, blonde, pig-tailed girl stood up and declared, "I can touch my tongue to my nose!"


"BIG DEAL!" Brandy thought. "There's nothing special about that! Who does this girl think she is? Can't everybody do that?!" Brandy quickly touched her tongue to her nose, something she could do with ease. But, as she looked around, she realized that they were the only two kids in the room who could perform this feat. She knew was something either strange or unique about them, but she wasn't quite sure which one.


Years went by and the two little girls went their separate ways...until one day, during senior year at Villa Maria Academy, (across the street from St. Rita's Nursery School), the blonde at the lunch table blurted out..."Hey! Can anyone here touch their tongue to their nose?" Like an explosion, all the dots suddenly connected, and Brandy realized that her now-best-friend was the same little, blonde, pig-tailed girl who had demonstrated her special talents so many years before. Not surprisingly, they were STILL the only two [misfits] at the lunch table who could perform this feat!

Brandy and Mel, "Senioritis" High School Cafeteria,

Villa Maria Academy

Mel's 18th Birthday, Temple University

As the years passed, their conversations often focused on their feelings of helplessness to ease the suffering of the world, and how they wished they could do something more to make a positive change. It seemed as though apathy was everywhere, and that just a little bit of awareness might help to tilt the world toward more compassion.


We are two misfits who believe that nothing is impossible.

This is our humble educate, inspire, motivate, and guide consumers to make more healthy, humane, and sustainable choices. In the end, that makes a better world for all of us and generations to come. 


It is our promise to you that your support for US means our support for OTHERS. We commit to being a voice for the voiceless. Together we can get there! We hope that you will join us on our journey.

With Gratitude, 

Brandy & Melanie

Brandy's view of Mel for most

of  her High School career

Gramma Hawk

Nana Rose

From Brandy:

It has been a VERY long journey to get to this point. I dedicate every ounce of hard work to honor the memory of my grandmothers. All of my efforts are with them in mind. It is my only wish that they will be proud of me.

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